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Custom Scripts

Custom Scripts

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-printed on Clear Glossy paper

-*please* be aware of the length of your script, as I will fit the most I can on a sheet - but the bigger the script, the less there will be.

-be sure to leave any details you'd like for me to know in the description (i.e. two lines, one line, if you'd like it on the larger side or smaller side.)

-the duo option could be the smaller text on top or bottom, depending on the script itself (also could be one line but again, depends on the customization)

- for the extra customs, this is the option to add 3 separate custom phrases on one sheet. if you’d like them in different fonts just add a note in the additional script boxes 

Shipping & Returns

Processing time is currently 1-3 weeks, and items are shipped via USPS


each sheet measures 3.5 inches wide by 4.5 inches in height

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